The Beatles’ Second Album. Vinyl. In Glorious MONO

thebeatlessecondalbumreissuecoverPicked up an LP of the Beatles’ Second Album this weekend at the Park Slope Flea Market.

Oh man, what a great record! I remember my brother Mike and I blasting this baby over and over again from the little crappy one speaker turntable we had.

This record totally rocks from start to finish.

BANG! “I’m gonna write a little letter gonna mail it to my local DJ” – George sounds great on vocals and guitar on the opener “Roll Over Beethoven.” Although there is no question that Chuck Berry can’t be beat, the same may be said for this rollicking cover version and all the covers on this record.

How about “Please Mr. Postman”?  “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me”? “Devil in Her Heart”?  “Money”? These songs all have incredible vocals – lead and backup.  Lennon is just in absolutely prime form on “Money.” Love how he draws out “Well…….. now give me money!” CRUSHING version of this song – so heavy with the piano, guitars and bass just bashing out the relentless riff.

Then the originals: “Thank You Girl” with Ringo’s falling-down-the-hill drum rolls, “I Call Your Name” with that bizarre skipping instrumental sort-of-ska break, the sheer joyousness of “She Loves You” (how about that drum intro? would offer that can’t be beat) and “I’ll Get You” has those “Oh yeahs” and the marvelous harmony on the “Well, there’s gonna be a time” break (that bit also has someone forgetting the words.)

Another example of Capitol Records ‘butchery’? Not an ‘official’ Beatles LP release?  Who cares? I didn’t in 1973 – when I doubt many 8 year old Americans were buying the canon on import – and I don’t now. Too much reverb and echo added by Capitol engineers? Big deal. This record rocks.

Glad I can put this to its intended use:

Spin record, drop needle, turn up, dance!

“Long as she’s got a dime, the music will never stop”

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